Seasonal Specials

“We have access to a host of treatments to make your skin feel better and look younger by rejuvenating the skin in the early signs of aging.”


Get #FABLIPS for $100.00 off during the month of February.
On Sale: Restylane® Silk for $500.00 ($600.00)

Lips & Lashes

1 syringe of Restylane® Silk and a Full Set of Xtreme® Eyelash Extensions
On Sale for $575.00 ($750.00)

Just Lashes

Life is Short, but your eyelashes don’t have to be! Full Set of Xtreme® Eyelash Extensions for the month of February are on sale $120.00 ($150.00)


Confidence will never stop being beautiful, anything extra is like a little sparkle of glitter

Give a little sparkle and shine to yourself or gift to someone else. For the month of February, a package of 5 Sparkle and Shine Facials are on sale for $299.00.

Lunchtime Peel

The lunchtime peel, so named for it, can be done quickly, during your lunch hour, just in time for you to return to work. A lunchtime peel diminishes fine line, skin discoloration, mild acne, and the skin’s sometimes rough appearance.

A lunchtime peel usually takes under 30 minutes and affects just the top layers of skin. For optimal results, the procedure should be performed 3-5 times, at least two weeks apart.

Because a lunchtime peel is a medical procedure that clears away old skin it may cause slight skin redness for a short time afterwards, but in general you can expect immediate recovery, minimal discomfort, softer feeling skin and younger looking skin. The effects of the lunchtime peel can be maintained by lessening exposure to the sun, which can also decrease the risk of skin cancer.

Schedule an appointment and find out if a lunchtime peel is right for you!

♥ Valentine’s Day Special Lunchtime Peel is $75 or Package of 5 for $375 ♥

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