HCG Weight Loss

Getting a jump start on your New Year’s resolutions can be difficult, but if looking and feeling Years Younger is your goal, there is a simple solution: Years Younger MediSpa. Located at 9313 S. Northshore Drive, near Pellisippi Parkway in West Knoxville, we focus on creating a youthful, healthier you.


HCG Weight loss in addition to the array of skin and laser treatments we offer, Years Younger specializes in Natural Hormone Replacement therapy by Dr. Kevin Stasney, MD, who is board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging. These monitored programs are individualized to each client. An offshoot to this is that Years Younger is able to offer a physician-supervised diet program called JumpStart. “The JumpStart diet helps you to lose fat while sparing muscle and rids your body of toxins,” says Dr. Stasney. “Plus, you aren’t feeling weak and washed out all the time.”


With JumpStart, Dr. Stasney and staff expect patients can safely lose 1/2 to one pound per day. The medication is administered as HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), in an injectable form. HCG is not addicting, and it is a natural product. Patients may also choose from two program lengths: a three- or six-week program. The program consists of three phases, and phase one can begin right away. Patients that enroll are given a physical, instructed by the physician and staff of the program, and they are shown how to safely give themselves the injections at home. Patients then come in for follow-ups at the third and sixth week for program monitoring.


The first phase involves preparing for the diet process, which can last for a few days or up to a couple weeks if necessary. Clients will begin eliminating certain food items and learn how to eat properly. The second phase is where the patient begins daily injections and starts restricting calories. During this phase, light weight training is encouraged, but no strenuous cardiovascular activity is allowed. After the three to six week program, phase three begins with slowly reintroducing a wider variety of foods back into your diet, while monitoring for any weight gain.


Dr. Stasney also notes that the program is affordable because the exam, medication, and supplements are included in the cost. So if you are looking for a safe, affordable way to lose weight, try JumpStart.


Also, remember that Years Younger has fabulous facials and peels, and offers a range of traditional aesthetic treatments like Botox®, laser hair removal, and laser skin treatments. If you are interested in any of these services, complimentary skin consultations are available.